Distribution Partner

Distributon Partner India, B.K. DAS Associates

4, Retreat Sarawat Colony
Santacruz West Bombay / India

Phone: +91 (0)22-660-3061
Fax: +91 (0)22 660-2695


Enormous flexibility with higher performance, comfort & efficiency

Be it standard solutions in large quantities or customised manufacturing in accordance with individual specifications - every product that leaves our factory has to meet high quality standards. We have invested decades of experience in more than 2500 different standard products that are installed in a multitude of different systems worldwide.

With our high quality products we deliver also more flexibility, more productivity and more service. An investment which will pay back. Since due to extraordinary individual advise, design, and production we are in the position to supply you with a solution that is tailor-made to your application. Thus you will always get the service you need - and this locally in your country - thanks to our great partners all over the world.